Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little bit about me

Being someone who loves literature so much, I really can't understand why I waited so long to create my Blog account. Well, I'm here now!

My profile will tell you a lot about me. As a lover of art, I enjoy viewing things differently to others and then sharing it, so if you're planning on following my blogs, prepare to view things differently! Here, I'll give you an idea: I'm a mixture of hard-rocker-gothic-chick, a butterfly maiden, a loud party-girl and shy to those whom I do not know very well. 'Nuf said.

I enjoy philosophical conversations as well as silly ones. I can pretty much entertain any topic that comes my way. Even though I have my own opinions, you can expect me to be the last person to judge you. I truly believe that we were all meant to view the world with our OWN two eyes.

Other than that, I have 3 amazingly beautiful and intelligent sisters whom I adore to bits. I love the fact that they support the kind of person I am (except at times when it comes to unhealthy obsession with Taylor Lautner!).
My parents are the main reason as to why I see things differently - we were given the freedom to ask questions if we felt that there should be an explanation for anything. Which is also why I am more spiritual than religious (I feel that rituals were completely man-made, and the symbolism should definitely be more important than the rituals themselves, and I think that many people fail to realise that).
I have a wonderful boyfriend, whom I have been with for roughly 2 and a half years. He is my bestfriend, my confidante and my shrink!

I am currently working at a mall in a jewellery store, and I have been there for just over a year. I happen to have two male bosses and a male college as well. Yup, sometimes they drive me crazy, especially when they talk about cars - at times it feels as though I had suddenly moved to Greece! :-)

I am also studying Photograhy part-time. My dream is to eventually have my own studio and meet loads of new people along the way of travelling the world. Oh, and Fashion Photograhy is probably what I would like to specialise in.

Remember, you may not notice butterflies all the time, but when you do, they're always beautiful ones - no matter what colour, shape or size. We are all butterflies in our own right... Until next time, Keep Flying ;-)

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